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Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 1.02.07 PMInternet users are facing more sophisticated surveillance than ever before: from governments, corporations, employers, advertisers, criminals, and probably some parties none would suspect. Maybe you think that some of these parties are justified in monitoring your communications, but the only way to be certain that the wrong ones aren’t is to protect them with strong encryption. OpenPGP has been protecting electronic communications for over 20 years, but the tools were only used by the extremely savvy. NouveauPG is the result of years of research, design, and development of an OpenPGP client that was accessible to less technical users that desire strong encryption. Since 2014, NouveauPG has been the easiest to use OpenPGP client for Mac OS X.

  • All encryption is handled by OpenSSL, which is already trusted by millions for SSL/TLS
  • The App Sandbox prevents NouveauPG from accessing the network or files you have not explicitly selected. It’s quite possible to use the clipboard for all input and output
  • Passed the rigorous App Store approval process, and is alternatively available for anonymous purchase with Bitcoin
  • Compatible with existing OpenPGP clients such as GnuPG
  • Automatically uses the best encryption methods for your data
To see how easy NouveauPG is to use, check out the Quickstart Guide to NouveauPG for OS X. Or just download the free trial edition and see for yourself for 30 days. ]]>