Quickstart Guide to NouveauPG for OS X

To encrypt a message for some party, you must first import their certificate into NouveauPG.

You can import public key certificates from either the clipboard or a file.
You can import public key certificates from either the clipboard or a file.

Before using a certificate, be sure it’s valid. NouveauPG will warn before performing encryption with an invalid certificate.

User ID validation Click on Compose Message to write a new message for the recipient.

Compose Screenshot

You can either type a message or choose a file to encrypt. At this time, NouveauPG will only encrypt plain text files. (UTF-8 supported)

Compose Screenshot

You can export your encrypted message by copying to the clipboard, or save as a text file.

Compose Screenshot 3


If you wish to receive encrypted messages from another party, you must first create a new identity. Press the add button on the lower left hand corner of the window.

Create Identity

An identity looks a lot like the public key certificate but you have two more options: Decrypt Message and Private Keystore

My New Identity screenshot


The two new options are protected by the password you chose while creating the account.

enter_passwordTo decrypt a message, either paste the encrypted message in the space provided or load an encrypted message from a file.

Decrypt ScreenshotYou should use the Private Keystore feature to backup your identity. Make sure your keystore is saved on an encrypted volume. To restore an identity, or move it to a new computer, simply import the private key block.

Export Identity Keystore